martes, 15 de marzo de 2011


 Hello! My name is María Otero, I'm 16 years old and I live in Aracena. At the moment I'am studying 1º Bachillerato of sciences and I live with my parents, my little sister Rocío and my pet: Wally, he's a bird.

 I love  pop and rock music, and I play the violin and clarinet in the music school of Aracena. In my free time also, I practise athletics and on many saturdays I have competition in Huelva, the capital of the province.

 Aracena is a beautiful village (near Sevilla) where you can do many interesting things: to visit the typical monuments like, the castle, the cave...To give a walk along the field, to practise variety of sports, or at the night to go to have dinner at interesting places with friends.

 The typical food in Aracena is the ham, so we do a popular party to him.

Here in our village there are a lot of traditions, for example: “Rehiletes”, “faire of the ham”, “Campanilleros”(men who sing for the streets at night), “Fair of August”, “Semana Santa” (holy week),etc.

ses snart!

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