domingo, 13 de marzo de 2011


Hi Swedish friends!

I’m Alicia Macías, I study in the IES San Blas in Aracena, but I’m from Fuenteheridos, a nearby small town. I’m seventeen years old; I have just been them the 24th of February!
I live in my house with my parents, José Luis and Pepi, and my little brother, Alonso, although my two Dalmatians, Dalia (she) and Rasti (he), and my two cats, Manchitas (she) and Calamidad (he), live here also! Our house is a small cottage on the outskirts of the town. It’s too welcoming and peaceful. Well, you’ll see it when you’re here!
Fuenteheridos is much smaller than Aracena, but it has the advantage that it is less crowded, however, we can visit it when we want, either by bus or car. It’s a nice town, the people are friendly and all the citizens know each other. There are many beautiful places, like ‘The source of the Twelve Pipes’ (the most significant monument here), so Fuenteheridos has much tourism, is always full of strangers.
Now, let’s speak about me. I’m a girl of normal stature, some blond and fair-skinned. Often somebody have confused me with a foreigner! But I am Spanish although I’m not brown and dark-skinned, sure! As for my hobbies, I love to draw, but I study technological baccalaureate because I would like to study aerospace engineering and to travel to the space in the future, but it would be something impossible (to travel to the space). Besides, I like swimming and to go out with my friends very much. Also I love to listen music; I really like Ska-p, Pereza, The Eagles, Supertramp, Queen, Genesis, etc. I use to think my way and I don’t like that someone say me what I have to do. Definitively, I am a very free girl.
I'm looking forward to go to Sweden to meet you, it’s going to be exciting!
That is all guys, see you soon!
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