domingo, 6 de marzo de 2011


My name is Alicia Márquez, I´m sixteen years old and I live in a town next to Aracena. It´s Linares de la Sierra.

I like play football, to sing, listen to music, meet with my friends and travel.

I have got one brother, his name is Rafael and he is twelve years old, I´m the oldest.
I´m a little bit shy but when I pass a time with someone I´m very extrovert, I´m happy… I can´t explain it, you must to describe myself because if I describe me I will seem to be conceited.

I´m tall, not fat but not thin… normal, I have brown eyes and long hair.

I live in a countryside connect with the town. I haven´t got any pets because I had a dog and It dead a few months ago. I love the animals but my mother doesn’t want anymore but at my garden came some cats and dogs
My email is and I have
Facebook: Alicia Márquez.

Nice to meet you. Kisses!

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