martes, 15 de marzo de 2011


My name is Isabel Martín Talavera and I’m a student of first of baccalaureate. I’m seventeen and I live in Aracena. The high school is not very far from my house, I go there walking every days. I’m not an excellent student but this year I’m studying so hard because I want to do medicine in the future and marks are too highs.
I’ve a smaller brother called Jose Luis, he’s ten and a older sister called Maria who‘s eighteen. My brother is a student in Aracena and my sister is studying medicine in Seville. My parent’s names are Lola and Jose Luis. My father is a vet and my mother is a teacher. Both work in Aracena.
I love music, both listen and play. I play the piano and I go to Seville twice a week to the conservatory. I’m in fifth of medium grade. The only problem of it is that I can’t study on the week because the piano and the travelling to Seville twice a week takes me a lot of time. I dedicate weekends to study but above all to go out with my friends; I need it specially Saturdays nights. I can’t stay at home every weekend.
Really, I’m a shy person but I’m always laughing.
I think we’re going to learn so much there and that this experience will be unforgettable for you as well as next year and for us when we’ll go there.
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