miércoles, 16 de marzo de 2011


Hello, my name is Leonor, I´m 16 years old and I live in Aracena.
Aracena is a town that belongs to Huelva. It is a big place and its highschool is very big too because the people that live in others towns come at this school because in their towns there isn´t. It starts at 8:10 and finishes at 14:45. I stay in first of bachillerat but it´s more difficult. When I finish I went to study to Seville as my brother. He lives in Seville during the week and in the weekend he comes to Aracena. He is 19 years old; his name is Manuel and he studies direction and business administration. He is more agreeable but at the first, he is a bit shy.

Now I speak about my parents. My mother´s name is Leonor too. She is more worker. She is secretary in my fahers´s business. She is good cooker. She really like travel. Her favourites sities are Venezia and France.
My father´s name is Manuel Jesús. He is more funny. He really like the music and he has got a group for singing and he plays an instrument: the guitar. My dad only stays at home on the weekends, mondays and thursday because he has to travel by his job.

Finally, I am going to speak about me. I really like linstening to music and dancing. On Saturdays night, I meet with my friends and we go to Anekara. It is a pub,where we dance.
I like going to shopping wiht my mother to Seville; we go often and it is funny.

My favourite season of the year is summer because I don´t have to go to highschool. I love the holidays: I go to the beaches of Portugal, my friends and me spend the evening in the swimming pool. There are more parties as the Aracena´s fair or the Romeria, when I wear the typical dress.

Email address: leonor.guerra.s@gmail.com

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