miércoles, 16 de marzo de 2011


Hello, my name is Leonor, I´m 16 years old and I live in Aracena.
Aracena is a town that belongs to Huelva. It is a big place and its highschool is very big too because the people that live in others towns come at this school because in their towns there isn´t. It starts at 8:10 and finishes at 14:45. I stay in first of bachillerat but it´s more difficult. When I finish I went to study to Seville as my brother. He lives in Seville during the week and in the weekend he comes to Aracena. He is 19 years old; his name is Manuel and he studies direction and business administration. He is more agreeable but at the first, he is a bit shy.

Now I speak about my parents. My mother´s name is Leonor too. She is more worker. She is secretary in my fahers´s business. She is good cooker. She really like travel. Her favourites sities are Venezia and France.
My father´s name is Manuel Jesús. He is more funny. He really like the music and he has got a group for singing and he plays an instrument: the guitar. My dad only stays at home on the weekends, mondays and thursday because he has to travel by his job.

Finally, I am going to speak about me. I really like linstening to music and dancing. On Saturdays night, I meet with my friends and we go to Anekara. It is a pub,where we dance.
I like going to shopping wiht my mother to Seville; we go often and it is funny.

My favourite season of the year is summer because I don´t have to go to highschool. I love the holidays: I go to the beaches of Portugal, my friends and me spend the evening in the swimming pool. There are more parties as the Aracena´s fair or the Romeria, when I wear the typical dress.

Email address: leonor.guerra.s@gmail.com


My name is Maria. I´m seventeen years old.
I live in Aracena a little town of Huelva.
I study in the secondary school I.E.S San Blas.

In my free time I often listen to music and I meet with my
friends and we talking a lot. I love it!
On Monday, Wednesday and Thursday I play voley. I
participate in a federal competition of Andalucía. We play all
the weekends. I really love it!
Email address: maria_rp4@hotmail.com


Hello! My name is Victor Manuel; I am 16 years old and live in Aracena. I am tall, thin, with brown eyes, brown hair, am studying bachillerato, and am entertained, agreeable...
 I live with my parents and my sister.
 My father is Santiago, is driver, is tall and brown. My mother is Pilar, she works in a supermarket, is tall and brown, and is very nice with the persons. And my sister name is Lucía, studies secondary, is tall and brown also and looks like greatly me.
In the future, I would like to be a veterinarian, because from small I have liked it very much the animals, and to be interested on the functioning of them.
 I have a field, with many animals (a horse, 5 cats, 3 dogs, and many birds ...)
I write this letter in order that you know me a bit more. Though we will meet in a little time in your country. A greeting! Good-bye!!
Email address: victor_aracena@hotmail.com

martes, 15 de marzo de 2011


 Hello! My name is María Otero, I'm 16 years old and I live in Aracena. At the moment I'am studying 1º Bachillerato of sciences and I live with my parents, my little sister Rocío and my pet: Wally, he's a bird.

 I love  pop and rock music, and I play the violin and clarinet in the music school of Aracena. In my free time also, I practise athletics and on many saturdays I have competition in Huelva, the capital of the province.

 Aracena is a beautiful village (near Sevilla) where you can do many interesting things: to visit the typical monuments like, the castle, the cave...To give a walk along the field, to practise variety of sports, or at the night to go to have dinner at interesting places with friends.

 The typical food in Aracena is the ham, so we do a popular party to him.

Here in our village there are a lot of traditions, for example: “Rehiletes”, “faire of the ham”, “Campanilleros”(men who sing for the streets at night), “Fair of August”, “Semana Santa” (holy week),etc.

ses snart!

Email address: mariaoc_@hotmail.com


Hi, I'm David and I'm 16. As you know, I'm from Aracena.

I'm a quiet guy who doesn't usually talk much, but when I like the conversation, I can spend hours talking about the topic. I consider myself nice, generous and introverted, a bit weird, open-minded and polite.
I'm medium-height and I've got brown eyes and dark hair.

I like reading a lot, listening to rap, rock and other kinds of music (except reggaeton and pop), western and Soviet films, using the computer, and I'm very interested in politics lately (I watch lots of documentaries and I read some political theory now)..

I like reading since I was a child, I can spend hours and hours reading books, I think it's my favorite hobby. I used to like reading fantastic and science-fiction books, but now I'm interested in realistic books and a more adult reading, as historical and classical books.

I like these kinds of music because I like music which has got good lyrics, which has got a sociopolitical protest.

I'm looking forward to going to Malmö. I've never visited any foreign country.

Email address: reddavid@hotmail.com


My name is Isabel Martín Talavera and I’m a student of first of baccalaureate. I’m seventeen and I live in Aracena. The high school is not very far from my house, I go there walking every days. I’m not an excellent student but this year I’m studying so hard because I want to do medicine in the future and marks are too highs.
I’ve a smaller brother called Jose Luis, he’s ten and a older sister called Maria who‘s eighteen. My brother is a student in Aracena and my sister is studying medicine in Seville. My parent’s names are Lola and Jose Luis. My father is a vet and my mother is a teacher. Both work in Aracena.
I love music, both listen and play. I play the piano and I go to Seville twice a week to the conservatory. I’m in fifth of medium grade. The only problem of it is that I can’t study on the week because the piano and the travelling to Seville twice a week takes me a lot of time. I dedicate weekends to study but above all to go out with my friends; I need it specially Saturdays nights. I can’t stay at home every weekend.
Really, I’m a shy person but I’m always laughing.
I think we’re going to learn so much there and that this experience will be unforgettable for you as well as next year and for us when we’ll go there.
Email address: isabel_mt94@hotmail.com

domingo, 13 de marzo de 2011


Hello, my name is Rafael. I’m sixteen years old and I belong to the group of students who go to visit Sweden. I am very happy to have this opportunity to meet new cultures and make new relationships.
I live in the South of Spain in a village in Andalucía called Higuera de la Sierra. However, my high school is in other village near called Aracena. I am studying 1st Baccalaureate and until this moment my marks are pretty good. I really need high mark because I would like study medicine.
I am the youngest in my family. I have a brother called Pedro. He is 28 years old, and currently is living outside the peninsula in the Balearic Islands. My relationship with him is fantastic and I would like to see more frequently.
Some of my hobbies are movies, meeting new places, listening to music and doing magic tricks. My personality is a bit shy but I try to make friends with everybody.
In conclusion, I think we can learn many things from you as you can you learn from us.


Hello, I´m Lucia and I am 16 years, almost 17 already. I live in Aracena a village of Huelva and I go to the institute San Blas. I am doing 1 º of bachillerato of sciences, because in a future I would like to study psychology.
In my house we are 4 persons, my father who is employed at a center of health, my mother who is employed at a shop and my small sister is called Marta, she has 10 years and is going to San Blas school to study 5 º of primary.
As hobbies I like to go out with my friends, to go to the cinema but especially the parties. I am graceful but a bit shy  but when I take confidence it passes quickly. I am delighted to know to you and that you come to know us here, and to teach you ours day after day. Nice to meet you.
Email address: lucia_7794@hotmail.com


Hi Swedish friends!

I’m Alicia Macías, I study in the IES San Blas in Aracena, but I’m from Fuenteheridos, a nearby small town. I’m seventeen years old; I have just been them the 24th of February!
I live in my house with my parents, José Luis and Pepi, and my little brother, Alonso, although my two Dalmatians, Dalia (she) and Rasti (he), and my two cats, Manchitas (she) and Calamidad (he), live here also! Our house is a small cottage on the outskirts of the town. It’s too welcoming and peaceful. Well, you’ll see it when you’re here!
Fuenteheridos is much smaller than Aracena, but it has the advantage that it is less crowded, however, we can visit it when we want, either by bus or car. It’s a nice town, the people are friendly and all the citizens know each other. There are many beautiful places, like ‘The source of the Twelve Pipes’ (the most significant monument here), so Fuenteheridos has much tourism, is always full of strangers.
Now, let’s speak about me. I’m a girl of normal stature, some blond and fair-skinned. Often somebody have confused me with a foreigner! But I am Spanish although I’m not brown and dark-skinned, sure! As for my hobbies, I love to draw, but I study technological baccalaureate because I would like to study aerospace engineering and to travel to the space in the future, but it would be something impossible (to travel to the space). Besides, I like swimming and to go out with my friends very much. Also I love to listen music; I really like Ska-p, Pereza, The Eagles, Supertramp, Queen, Genesis, etc. I use to think my way and I don’t like that someone say me what I have to do. Definitively, I am a very free girl.
I'm looking forward to go to Sweden to meet you, it’s going to be exciting!
That is all guys, see you soon!
Email address: alii.mr@hotmail.com

miércoles, 9 de marzo de 2011


Hello, my name is Manuel, I'm 16 years old and I live in Aracena, a town next to Seville, in the South-West of Spain. I study at San Blas Highschool 1st of ''Bachillerato'', that’s how we call here, at Spain, the studies that are just before the university.
In my free time, I like to go for a walk with my friends, I also love to play the guitar with my band of rock, because I love music. I really like to watch films and some TV series in the internet. I read books at night before I start to sleep, that’s the best hour to read I think... I’m really happy to can go far, far away to know some kind of life so different than the life I’m used to live. Goodbye!

Email address: manu11235@gmail.com


My name is Dani and I’m 16 years old. As you can imagine, I’m from Aracena, a village in the south of Spain. But well, my teacher has said me I have to introduce myself in this letter, so let’s go.
Physically, I’m tall (about 1’90), I have brown straight short hair and brown eyes. I’m not too thin and I wear glasses. I think I’ve got nothing special physically so maybe I’m average
Well, I’ve talked about me physically; it’s time to describe my personality. I’m a cheerful person, sometimes a little bit shy but I always try to be polite. My hobbies are playing basketball and listening to music. I like rock music, and other styles like nu-metal, ska, hard rock and pop music. I listen to bands like ACDC, System of a Down, The Beatles, and my favorite, Red Hot Chili Peppers.
I can play the guitar and the bass. I play in a band here in Aracena, which is called No Es Asunto Tuyo. We have given 3 concerts at the moment, and in March we have the fourth.
Finally I have to say I hope you have enjoyed this letter. Here you have a photo of mine in a concert.
Email address: zoypoeta@hotmail.com


My name is Ramón García and I’m 17 years old. I’m from Aracena (Spain), a little village of Huelva.

Aracena is a beautiful village in the mountains, is near the beach and near the wonderful Seville.

In Aracena, people go to the places walking, because it is very small.
I’m studing 1º Bachillerato in the high school of Aracena, I.E.S. San Blas. This is a big school because here study all people of the Sierra de Aracena.
I love all music, so I play two musical instruments; I play the bassoon in Banda Municipal de Música de Aracena, it’s a very good Banda, and I play the flute too.

I like go out the Saturday night with my friends.
I did athletics, but this last year I don’t do athletics because i don´t have time and I play very badly football.

I have one brother and sister. I live with my mother and my twin. My father live in other house in Aracena because my parents are separate and my sister is in Seville because she´s studing in the university.

Email address: ramon_g_g_13@hotmail.com

domingo, 6 de marzo de 2011


My name is Alicia Márquez, I´m sixteen years old and I live in a town next to Aracena. It´s Linares de la Sierra.

I like play football, to sing, listen to music, meet with my friends and travel.

I have got one brother, his name is Rafael and he is twelve years old, I´m the oldest.
I´m a little bit shy but when I pass a time with someone I´m very extrovert, I´m happy… I can´t explain it, you must to describe myself because if I describe me I will seem to be conceited.

I´m tall, not fat but not thin… normal, I have brown eyes and long hair.

I live in a countryside connect with the town. I haven´t got any pets because I had a dog and It dead a few months ago. I love the animals but my mother doesn’t want anymore but at my garden came some cats and dogs
My email is alicia_mp8@hotmail.com and I have
Facebook: Alicia Márquez.

Nice to meet you. Kisses!



My name is Alicia, I´m sixteen years old and I live in Linares de la Sierra, it´s a small town near Aracena.

I have two brothers Tono and Ruben, they are thirty and twenty eight, and one sister Mercedes is twenty five, she isn`t live with me.

My dad has a farm and he has a lot of animals, he is a teacher too. My mum is housewife and she is studying English.

My favourites hobbies are play football, play the guitar and meet my friends.

I’m very happy for the trip to Sweden.I’m looking forward to reading your reply. Kisses for you,    


My name is Elena Cereceda. I’m sixteen. I live with my parents in a small town near Aracena in the south of Spain. I’ve got two sisters who live in Seville, they are studying in the university. I’m the youngest of the three.

I like listening to music, doing sport, going out with my friends and reading some books or magazines.
The kind of music that I listen is mostly pop as Lady Gaga, Rihanna, Beyoncé, and others of Spain Pereza, Amaral, and a lot of more.

I have got a dog in the garden, two turtles and two fishes. They are very calm; well, the dog a bit less.
I have a flat in Matalascañas (it’s a beach in the Nature Park of Doñana). I go there in the summer, but I prefer the mountains where I live, the view is incredible.

I wish to meet you soon!


Email address: elena_lin6@hotmail.com