martes, 15 de marzo de 2011


Hi, I'm David and I'm 16. As you know, I'm from Aracena.

I'm a quiet guy who doesn't usually talk much, but when I like the conversation, I can spend hours talking about the topic. I consider myself nice, generous and introverted, a bit weird, open-minded and polite.
I'm medium-height and I've got brown eyes and dark hair.

I like reading a lot, listening to rap, rock and other kinds of music (except reggaeton and pop), western and Soviet films, using the computer, and I'm very interested in politics lately (I watch lots of documentaries and I read some political theory now)..

I like reading since I was a child, I can spend hours and hours reading books, I think it's my favorite hobby. I used to like reading fantastic and science-fiction books, but now I'm interested in realistic books and a more adult reading, as historical and classical books.

I like these kinds of music because I like music which has got good lyrics, which has got a sociopolitical protest.

I'm looking forward to going to Malmö. I've never visited any foreign country.

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